Breakdowns, Manufacturing and Supply


Time is money. This is something we understand at Voltronics Cape. We specialise in getting your machinery up and running in the shortest amount of time, using every resource at our disposal. We are specialists in fault diagnosis, repair and are are experienced in a large variety of industries . This is due to our diverse client base. Sometimes it requires us to study new machinery in order to give local support. It has proved greatly beneficial to our clients who would otherwise need to pay exorbitant rates to fly technicians in from overseas. We also have a great rapport with international agencies, our response time is extremely fast and we explore absolutely every variable and fault finding technique in order to get you up and running again.

Our team of logical thinkers with a never say die attitude, will go out of their way to deliver what is required.

Manufacturing and Supply


Microprocessor based design is carried out by our research and development team and quality products are manufactured on our production line. Using the combination of our own facilities and extensive range of specialist suppliers, we are able to manufacture many types of circuit boards, membranes and overlays in any quantity.


Our Procurement/Sales Team can normally source new or used replacements. When a direct replacement is unavailable we can often recommend a current alternative. If you have an enquiry for replacement equipment, please call or email us. NB: Please supply as many equipment details as possible.